Miss South Africa 2016, Ntando Kunene, has been arrested at London Heathrow Airport for trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee inside two suitcases, authorities said on Tuesday.

Customs and Border Protection police officers searched her suitcases upon suspicion and found a plastic coffee bag containing white powder, officials said.

Ntandoyenkosi, who arrived with an early morning flight was taken to a private search room, where the officers found a second bag full of powder. Both tested positive for cocaine.

The estimated value of the cocaine is more than £80,000, officials said.

Ntandoyenkosi was arrested and handed off to Port Authority police. She will be prosecuted by the London District Attorney on drug smuggling charges.

“This seizure is another example of UK Border Agency being ever vigilant in protecting the United Kingdom from the distribution of illicit drugs,” said Robert E. Perez, Director of UK Border Agency London Field Operations.


SA Police Service/photos

Let’s talk about the VERMIN who sell drugs. The faceless side of wealth.
These people are making money at the expense of our youth, Trying to get you and me to become addicted. They don’t care if we get sick or die from the stuff they sell. They ‘Bulk-up’ their drugs with other substances like Rat Poison, pool Chlorine, fine salt – anything that can kill you because they don’t care who takes it or if they die.
They just want to make more money than what they paid for it. It is a business.
Not all Nigerians are drug dealers, and not all drug dealers are Nigerian, although they seem to have a large portion of the market. These people are white, greedy and rich.
Another post I just read is made up of 5 local guys – 3 black and 2 coloured guys.
What I am saying is that, most of them look respectable and well presented. They can be your “nice” neighbors or someone in your family.
My teens, DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE. If anyone wants to introduce you to drugs, be bold and say NO !!!!!
Save your life. Do not allow you “FRIENDS” to manipulate you – they are not your friends. Introducing you to drugs tells you loud and clear they do not care for you at all. They just want you hooked so that they can make money off you.
DON’T think that a nice and presentable couple are not capable of murder. All drug dealers are capable of murder because they do not care what happens to you after you buy their poisonous mix.
Until everyone of us teens refuse to buy their stuff, they will make money and destroy the fiber of our society – WHICH IS OUR YOUTH!
You take care my friends. DO NOT TRY IT EVEN ONCE !
Don’t put the burden on your parents to bury a child. That is cruel.
Faithfully your friend,


Teens, I do apologize for using SHOCK TACTICS – please forgive me, but I really need you to take note of how our teenagers are becoming addicted, what the results are and ask you fairly. DO YOU WANT TO EXPOSE YOURSELF TO FRIENDS WHO WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO THIS DRUG? Go to the…….

If I can keep you (yes you personally, my sister) from getting involved with drugs, I know I can depend on you to help me save more lives by teaching kids younger than you to become streetwise.

You are precious, you are special and, please believe me, you have a great future ahead of you, a beautiful family who will one day call you Mama, and a husband who will cherish you.  This is what you are growing up for, to live a spectacular life.

Taking drugs is being immature

Taking drugs because you may have problems is really childish,  and drugs will ensure you stay immature at every level.

YET………… it succeeds in swallowing up our youth.


You are precious to your family. You are precious to me.

Faithfully your friend,





Drugs and prostitution

Our teens are in trouble. Children are out on the streets prostituting for drug money.


WHO OWNS OUR CHILDREN? The drug lords do not take the drugs themselves – they sell it to street vendors who make a profit when they sell it to you.


They are business men and women getting rich off the misery of our teens.




The drug lords are rich, they have beautiful homes, fancy cars, they travel.

In short, they do all the things in life that you should be doing – but if you give them all your money, naturally they will have your lifestyle.


Now comes your call to reason.

Please watch this video to the end. (I apologise for the poor sound quality but stick with it).


We have to educate ourselves and teach those who are younger than us.

This is where we become role models and leaders.


By becoming informed.


Faithfully your friend,


My miserable life – a journey of drugs



                                                               A young man’s journey (By Anonymous).

My nickname is TIKHEAD. That’s what my friends called me. Well, we aren’t friends anymore – they have all abandoned me to save themselves from the hell I was heading for. What became clear to them was to get away from me, and fast.  I was totally oblivious. Under the influence of this drug……………….

I thought I was Superman!


The more of the drug (Tik) I took, the smarter I became (I thought).

The more of this drug I took, the stronger I became (I thought).

The more of this drug I took, the less I cared about everything, my attitude, my appearance, my self-respect, my hygiene, my parents, my family, my life. I had left School and no one was going to push me around, tell me what to do or control my destiny.  I was my own man, you understand? This was my life, I was past eighteen and all grown up. I had more power than I ever felt before. It was the drugs talking.

I was becoming Superman!


Two years later, one night in a Pub somewhere and looking for a fight, I insulted someone and when he tried to reason with me I beat him to a pulp. When the Barman tried to intervene I broke his nose.

I was Superman!


I had no money for my next fix but my Aunt lived up the road. I had stolen from her before. Her cell phone was lying on her desk. I slipped it into my pocket and disappeared down the road. I remember gloating to myself how easy this had been and what a neat Cell phone it was – and how much I could sell it for. I got my drug fix and that was all that mattered.


Some months went by until one night when I would learn that death has got a definite time – when you have run out of luck. I had been vomiting all day from lack of food and water – my nose was bleeding from the Tik and my teeth were aching. I was losing my teeth quite rapidly by now. I headed for the beach to find a place to sleep. On my way I passed a shop that sold mirrors and as I looked and saw the reflection of myself, I got the fright of my life.


I looked fifty years old at twenty-one. I couldn’t move. It was as if the mirror had captured my image and froze the frame. Time stood still and I was mesmerized – looking at this stranger staring back at me. My clothes, my face, my skinny body, sunken eyes, my terrible skin – I stared aghast! I tried to smile at this pathetic person staring back at me, and saw the missing teeth. I panicked and I ran.


I ran throughout the night, first down this road, then the next, trying to get away from myself – from this thing I saw in the mirror. I looked like an old Tramp.


Trying to think of something from my past that could explain how I got to be so bad, I vaguely remembered the day the drug lords came to the bank and demanded a large amount of money which I owed them. I had no choice. Then came the disgrace of being fired – but strangely, I was boasting about this event, like I was some sort of a god who succeeded in ripping off the Bank and all they could do was fire me and make sure I had a criminal record. It was clear that I had lost all self-respect, all identification of who I used to be before I started taking drugs.


I finally found my way to the beach and it was raining. I was getting cold and drug withdrawal was stepping in. I was in a bad way, hallucinating, aching all over, cold and hungry. I decided to go into the ocean. Maybe I’ll be warmer in the water, I thought.Just maybe I can wash all this tragedy and misery off me, all this deceit and thievery.


I stumbled into the water and a strong wave swept me sideways off my feet. Wave after wave kept crushing me toward the bottom and I had no strength to fight. Where was this Superman now I wondered, I couldn’t breathe. I was drowning and I knew it. Too weak to fight I just surrendered and felt the salt water as it entered my lungs – it was like boiling water – the pain was unbearable. This was the most horrible way to die! As I started losing consciousness, I thought I saw my Mom. I hadn’t thought of her in kindness for many years.


I do not know how – I really do not know how!  I found myself on the beach coughing and vomiting and writhing in pain. The sun was coming up and blinding me. Even the ocean could not bear me, I thought – it had to spit me out. I was alive, a second chance. I had to get help, I had to get home – I had to make it right.


It has been months of Rehabilitation and months of hell – the withdrawal symptoms never leave. I am in prison by my own device. I messed up the greatest life anyone could have had with love all around me which I saw as control.  It was these very people who came together to send me to Rehab. They see more worth in me than I had seen in myself. I had issues buried deep in my mind that needed dealing with. The more I opened up to the Psychologist, the faster the healing came. I had to be honest with myself if I was to change. I had to stop inventing excuses and blame.


How do you put together the pieces of a shattered mirror to make it whole again?Does one have to die to live again? One thing I know for sure, I am the lucky one. It is still a long way toward total recovery but I have been given one more chance and I mean to embrace it to prove to God that I was worth saving.If I can plead with you Teenagers out there, when drug dealer “friends” come to tempt you, RUN!  RUN!  RUN! These people are not your friends, they are your worst nightmare dressed up as humans. Still now I can feel the force of the waves……….Pulling me down……….Pulling me under………



This is where your self-esteem hits rock-bottom.

When you look in the mirror and you are no longer there, just some outward shell of what you once were.


Was it worth it? I hear you ask. The answer is always NO !


Along with your eroded self-esteem comes the poverty as all your money goes to the drug lords.

Along with the poverty comes the need to steal things to sell for money to go to the drug lords.

Along with the stealing comes the guilt and shame of what you have become.

Along with the guilt and shame comes the desperation for the next  drug-fix.

Along with the urgency that you need your next fix comes the time to prostitute yourself for more money.

Along with prostitution for drugs comes the reality that you can no longer live like this and as sad as it is, suicide for many is the only option left to them.

My teens, let me plead with you right here. If friends want to introduce you to drugs, be firm and say NO!

This is not what you want for your future. This is not who you are or who you want to become.



It is not something you want to experiment with. Some drugs are so powerful you can get addicted just from trying it once.

Take care my friends. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE !!!!!!!!!!


Faithfully your friend,