Several Distinctly  different  groups of subjects combined into one useful book.

The book deals with issues girls face starting on the road to puberty, like stigma, hygiene, health and how to manage menstruation (blooming time) effectively.                            We discuss PMS, what it is and how to take charge of the emotional changes and physical discomfort many girls suffer from, and how it will effect their personalities by enforcing bad moods every month which then becomes bad habit.

We discuss the volatile teenage years and the uncertainties it brings about a host of subjects like dating and falling in love (or infatuation which is more apt) an how these relationships usually do not last.  It is a phase we all go through and while we think that, to be loved it is good for our self-esteem, it is equally damaging when that relationship comes to and end, which happens 99% of the time.

In South Africa, many more issues put our youth at risk. To list some of them  – the levels of promiscuity and the sugar daddy syndrome (or blessers as they are now called).  Peer pressure on the unsuspecting, teenage dating and physical intimate violence. The drug situation from smoking and drinking to potent drug use – some (like Krokodil) which can kill.  We talk about the necessity of teens to start taking charge of their lives because of the consequences if they do not.

Teen pregnancy and the “internet parent” and the absent parent – two of the main reasons for the current dilemma. Girls are most vulnerable without guidance but they do not want to take guidance from their own parents, yet they will  take advice from peers, even if it is the wrong advice.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that a carrier of any of these viruses will not tell girls that they are infected, potentially leaving girls diseased. Education about these things are crucial but teens no longer read books, preferring to get all their information from the net.

Parents are less important nowadays because of the internet. It is a different generation where the internet has taken over parenting. If teens are blocked from the use of the net, they simply learn things from their friends who have access. Allowing them supervised time on social media is better than the two extremes of 1) Not allowing them or 2) allowing them unlimited access.

Our girls are reminded throughout the book that they are special and precious so that they can feel good about themselves while reading the book, balanced with good advice from “Thandi” (our teenage role-model). Schools are starting to adopt this model where guidance among girls is vital.

We added fun projects for them and self-care advice for the purpose of hygiene and self-esteem.

Our books will soon be distributed through various channels such as Dischem and Skoobs as well as various NGO’s working with the youth.

Our books sell for R199.00 per set and includes the following.  A Blooming box (for all their personal items)  A school wallet (for daily sanitary products) The book, Blooming Time, A diary (and pen) to track PMS, mood swings and character changes. The rest of the diary is used to monitor self-growth. Postal delivery is R73.00.


We are based in Randburg and books can be collected directly from us.

Our direct number to speak to our CEO Loraine Ginns is 079 503-0737.




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Prostitution and Drugs

26 Women,teens rescued from horrid Klerksdorp brothel

WHY DO YOU NEED TO BECOME STREET-WISE ?    Because you are young, vulnerable and not strong enough to defend yourself against abduction.

None of these girls thought this could happen to them. Then it did………..

I want all girls today to read this post and look at the horrid conditions these girls had to live in – and then imagine what it would be like to end up in such a place as a sex slave and drug addict.

Fortunately for these girls, they got rescued but this is only a SMALL VICTORY as, by now, these girls have been turned into drug addicts which will still adversely affect them many years from now. That is how they keep these girls without any of them running way – they need the next drug fix.. Once the girls are hooked, they rent these girls out to (up to 16) different men in a single day. The girls get no money – just drugs.

Can I again ask you to stay alert, do not get drunk, do not take drugs, do not put yourself in places or situations where you will be at risk.    PLEASE ?

These guys will be on the prowl for “Fresh Stock.”

Do not let your guard down and be careful who you associate with.

Not everyone who APPEARS DECENT is actually an upstanding citizen.


Faithfully your friend,