This is the bedroom I will have. This is the view I want. This is what I am telling myself I will have.

Creating a Powerful, Effective Vision Board That Works For You

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE? You have heard that, unless you write your goals and reams down, they will amount to nothing more than daydreams. The fun way to make your dreams come to life, is to build a vision board (you can build as many as you like under different categories – and even ‘order’ the right husband – if you know what you want!).

To start, you need to get a clear picture of the things you want to see in your life one year from now, two years from now and so on. Vision boards can and do work for those who do them right. By creating a collage of images, it enforces in your mind the things, people and situations you want to have in your future.

I have one entire wall in my room dedicated to vision boards of positive outcomes I desire. I also have several pictures crossed off already of the things I have achieved, acquired or am currently involved with. Some of my biggest dreams are about to materialize and, although it has taken some three years to get there, I have persistently worked toward it whenever I had time.

The one thing a vision board does for you, effortlessly, is that it keeps you positive.       Let’s take a look at how you can make your vision board a potent concoction of inspiring images, words and positive captions.

Before You Begin Cutting and Pasting:

A vision board should have images that matter to you personally, and you may want  to visualize (in your mind) what you want in your ideal world. Get a clear picture and DO NOT CHANGE THE IMAGE. For example, if you wish for a red car, do not change it to a silver one a month later. If you want a silver one also, put that on the next story board.

Think about how you want to live your life, who you want to live it with, what you want to have, and all of the things you want to accomplish. Write down anything that really stands out. Dream big and don’t be doubtful.

Once you have finished your list, it’s time to find out what is missing. There will be pieces of your life that you left out without realizing it. In order to have a complete vision board that really says who you want to be and what you want to have, takes time and some soul searching. Think about every aspect of your life and be VERY specific.

Be Sure to Include:

  • The type of education you want (see yourself graduating)
  • Career or business goals – what type of job will suit your personality the best.
  • Your idea of wealth – wealth is not only money, it is quality of life and happiness.
  • People you want in your life – See people “like” you and you getting on with them.
  • Where you want to live – Which country or suburb. What is your ideal residence.
  • The things you want to do – Travel, snow ski, sky-dive, visit Nasa’s space station.
  • Your health and fitness goals – which gym, exercises you would like to try.
  • The things you want to have most – let your imagination run wild here.
  • The type of friends you want to have – popular friends, genuine friends, rich friends.
  • AND – the type of husband you want to marry one day. How you want him to treat you, how you want him to speak to you, how you want him to be every day.
  • Finally – what type of person (personality) do you want to be? Do you want to be likeable? What type of personality will you need? Do you want to be a senior manager? What type of people-skills do you need to develop? What about your attitude and actions need to change as of right now – for that to happen?

When you have finalized your idea of  the life of your dreams, it’s time to start looking for the images that match each desire. The images should make you go “awwwww!” and “oooooooh!” and make you feel something strong emotionally. You need images that will really power you up and create a positive energy that you feel in every cell of your body.

Two Main Ways to Find the Right Images:

Online – This is the best resource for finding those awe inspiring images that will kick your journey into high gear. Simply type in the search what you are looking for and select from the results for your perfect image. A great way to do this is by using Google images to narrow down the results to pictures alone. It makes the treasure hunt a lot easier than clicking through links. Save all of your images to a folder and then print them out.

Magazines – If you have a wide selection of magazines to choose from and don’t mind cutting them, this can be a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. It might take a little more time, but it is a lot of fun. Bring out the collection of dusty magazines or ask friends for some they don’t mind giving away. For those who have cash to spare, try investing in a few specific types of magazines based on the images you want. Travel and car magazines are always a great place to start.

Add Positive Affirmations to Boost Effectiveness:

At the same time, boost the effectiveness of you pictures with positive affirmations. For each image you want to include on your vision board, write down or choose a caption – something short and to the point. Use the present tense as if these things are already becoming part of your life.

Some Examples of Positive Affirmations Include:

  • I travel to Hawaii and enjoy a warm, relaxing vacation
  • The person of my dreams is coming into my life
  • I am excited about getting my dream car
  • I am careful with money and always have more than enough
  • I am more physically fit and attractive with each passing day
  • Every step I take brings me more success in my career

Keep your personality in mind. If you are shy or introvert, your dreamlife will look different to someone who is extrovert and outgoing. It is your life and in your dreamlife there is no competition. Never work hard at achieving things to “show” others you can do it. That is a disastrous motivation. Do things for yourself.

Building the board:

After you have finished cutting everything out, arrange everything so that the most important things are at the focal point – then place everything else around those. This can be done using an old cardboard box. For a more permanent vision board use a poster board. Make a glue with baking flour mixed with a little warm water.

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Vision Board:

Your vision board is complete and it looks amazing. However, if you don’t know how to use it you might as well have done it all for nothing. So though this is the very last step to creating a powerfully effective vision board, it is the most important step of all.

How to make it work for you:

  1. Place it somewhere you will see it often. Make it a priority to just look at it without distractions for a few minutes every day. Hang it next to your bed so it is the first and last thing you see every day.
  2. Believe that every single thing on your vision board is a part of your life and that it is achievable.
  3. Imagine yourself as if you already have everything you see. Let the details of having what you want fill your mind and really feel what it’s like to live that life. Before falling asleep, pretend you are already living that life – feel grateful for your awesome life and drift happily off to sleep – into your perfect world.
  4. Carry this feeling of certainty and happiness with you throughout each situation on a daily basis and watch as your reality transforms to match that of your vision board. During the day, think about a specific item on your vision board. I see the bedroom in my picture all the time. I know what it feels like waking up in that room, I see myself standing at the rail having my morning coffee.


Whatever you do on a daily basis, make sure it matches your perfect future. Do not allow yourself to do things that are not in line with your vision board, your dreams or your future success. If you are doing something that makes you feel uneasy because you know it can affect your future negatively, you should probably stop yourself and walk away quickly. Anything that will rob you of your dignity or your money should be scrutinized. If you have the wrong kind of boyfriend or the wrong kind of relationship/friendships, you can set about changing that in a nice way and start afresh. If your language is poor or if you use swearwords or slang or phonetics often, you must change it. Go look up better words to use in the Thesaurus or dictionary. You’ll be glad you did.

Faithfully your friend,



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