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FINDING THANDI. Our exciting introduction to leadership – BEING A ROLE MODEL

One of the topics we are introducing is FINDING THANDI – and establishing “GIRL CLUBS” in every school (or community).

Who exactly is Thandi? What can she do? How do I know if I am a Thandi?

Thandi means love (of people). She is a leader and she is YOU.

Finding a Thandi in your school (or being a Thandi in your school) is easy. To become a leader is something that you can learn. You really can train your mind in almost all aspects of leadership, IF YOU ARE UP TO THE CHALLENGE.

1) Are you able to give a bit of your time once a week?

2) Are you able to talk to a group of girls if it means helping them?

3) Are you willing to share knowledge with girls who are younger than you?

4) Do you believe that girls can excel with the right guidance?

6) Do you believe that girls should unite in order to help protect, uplift and empower each other?

7) Can you identify with the power of “connection” in a common cause?

8) Would you like to see girls unite to erase stigma and replace it with pride?

9) Would you be willing to give sound advice and be a role model in your own daily actions and behaviour?

10) Would you be able to openly discuss difficult issues such as – Drugs, dating, intimacy, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, gender violence, etc? (depending on the age groups.)


Our girls are in trouble !

  1. Teen pregnancies are out of control in a country where poverty is huge. The abilitiy to feed, clothe and raise a child soon becomes a nightmare to teenage parents due to high unemployment and retrenchements .
  2. The number of people becoming addicted to drugs is almost as high as the current HIV infected numbers – both are becoming pandemic. The druglords are having a field day among the youth because they are easy targets. WHY? Because they are young, vulnerable, gullible and want to belong – which is exactly what the drug lords are looking for. They do not care if you have money to pay for drugs or not. They will give you drugs for free until you are hooked and then push you into prostitution to pay for your drugs. It is any girls worst fear, yet an estimated 14 million girls are being trafficked by drug and prostitution cyndicates globally. (22 million people in total – 2016 statistics).
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases – there are several with the main one still being the HIV virus. According to the Department of Health, the highest increase in the spread of this deadly virus is among the youth -14 to 19 (and 20 to 25) age group. These are just some of  the areas of grave concern where we need to educate others and warn them of the dangers.

Email us at    =     thandi@bloomingtime.co.za

We will ensure you have assistance in becoming a role model and help you set up your club. If you are in the Johannesburg area, I may be able to come and do a talk at your school with you.

Faithfully your friend,


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