Blooming Time

No more stigma. A book for young ladies.



It is time for young ladies to update their status to “awesome!”.

Teenagers are looking to discover themselves but good role models are so few. This has given rise to the “internet parent” and other equally damaging influences. In this exciting and educational read we introduce you to our young girl Thandi who leads the reader on an adventure through puberty with the focus on becoming street-wise, as well as developing vital leadership skills.

Blooming Time ™ is a celebration of femininity. Our goal is simple, putting a stop the culture of shame and stigma experienced by every young lady going through this normal and natural monthly occurrence. We empower young women, educating them to the dangers of drugs, early pregnancy and diseases related to intimacy. The book is also packed full of fun projects and grooming tips, helping girls to feel special and grow in confidence.

The second part of the book, The Pre-blooming Blooming Awareness ™ Diary, offers advice for young ladies experiencing discomfort or mood-swings during Blooming Time ™. This will lead to improved hygiene, self-discovery and growth.

The Teen Talk Africa initiative focuses on equipping young ladies with sanitary products to ensure they do not miss those important school days. All the proceeds from book sales go directly to support this cause.

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