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Feel free to visit our Blog page. You are likely to find loads of different topics that may interest you. We add to these topics often without posting all of them on Face Book. Our education is informal STREETWISE literature designed to add to your knowledge and growth. Most of all, it is written for girls from the age of 10 to adulthood, to help girls grow up without being gullible and vulnerable to all who seek to exploit us. It has a fare share of warnings about the real dangers we face in real life and assists girls in their personal development.

A lot of our posts are written in conjunction with other teens which allows us to bring a huge variety of topics and viewpoints. I f you benefit from some of the posts, we advise that you keep a notebook where you can jot down some of the concepts to help you grow, or to help you lead girls younger than you through puberty.  If you have any submissions you would like to add to our page, please feel free to send me a mail at : thandi@bloomingtime.co.za (my personal email) and we can share your wisdom and insights with others on this site.

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Blooming Time is about empowering our teenage girls  – to help them become street-wise and to dream big, preparing them for happy and successful future.

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