LET ME CHALLENGE YOU TO THE CALL OF DUTY. Becoming a woman we must first learn how NOT to be gullible. This is how we can take charge of some aspects. Challenges are there each day – our job is to think rationally about everything and become street wise.

THE EGO. This is our primary instinct as teenagers. It makes us gullible. If someone says to you “You are perfect, you should become a photographic model, I can help you” do not let it go to your head. If you are that photogenic, go to a legally recognized photo studio and get a portfolio registered with them. You do not want to trust anyone especially as your face might end up on a porn site. Watch out for the ego. We love people telling us nice things but the ego is responsible for a lot of trouble we get into. Don’t allow people to smear honey around your mouth because they want to use you.

DESPERATION. Do not appear to be desperate FOR ANYTHING! If people think you are desperate for a job, they might lead you into prostitution, become a drug mule or involve you in criminal activities. Being desperate for a certain guy leaves you open for manipulation and abuse by the guy.

DIGNITY – Value your dignity over “popularity” and promise to uphold the dignity of other girls. If someone is treated without dignity or blatantly disrespected or abused in any way, stand together with one strong voice. Until we, as females, learn to do this, the world will remain fragmented.

WARNING. Warn each other if you can clearly see them walking into a trap. If a girl is walking into trouble and you can see it clearly, stop them and reason with them. If they are hell bent on destroying themselves make it clear that you will have to walk away, albeit with a heavy heart.

KNOWLEDGE. To share helpful knowledge with each other. Even if some girls say “Oh, I know that” does not mean that all girls “know that.” Help to stop ignorance among the innocent and teach them what you know, what you heard, what you saw, what you read. Make sure that the knowledge you share has value and meaning – NEVER PASS ON FALSE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION. If you are inclined to sprout ignorance, rather ask questions and learn.

TOLERANCE. It does not mean you have to like everyone but you certainly have to care for everyone. You never know when the person you despise may save your life. Do not be arrogant when you should be tolerant. It brings division for no reason and it stops you from being fair, truthful and honest. Never blame someone just because you don’t like them. Life has a way of using that against you in the future and your life will turn to mud. Tolerance is an attitude we need to practice daily. Not everyone is likable and some people do not like you. This is something we all have to work on every single day, not once a year on Woman’s Day.

Remember, we do not distinguish between races, cultures or even your attitude. If you are a girl, I am sharing things with you. Do not isolate yourself from knowledge because of attitude. If you do not like some people because they are purple, suck it up – it is the world in which we live. It is not all about you or me, it is about US and the fact that, as girls, we need to unite to protect each other.  This is how we will win over those who want to use us.

Faithfully your friend,


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