Abortion and the erroneous (mistaken) idea that it is a form of contraception

is discussed in more detail in our book  Teen Marriage and Teen

Pregnancy and is also a topic on our website.

Abortion is a highly traumatic experience on all levels. It is something

you will carry with you for your entire life and should never be considered

an ‘easy’ option.

‘Back-street-abortions’ (where non-medical surgeries are performed)

have the potential to seriously threaten your life at worst, or leave you

scarred at best. In most cases ‘back-street-abortions’ will ensure you

cannot have children in the future (when you are older and prepared

to become a parent).

Contraception and refusing sex when you are too young for it, is the

only way to avoid having to go through this terrible experience.

There are instances of rape or abuse where an abortion is the

only option, in that situation please speak to a professional doctor

and adult that you can trust before trying to take matters into your

own hands. There will always be people ready to support you in your

decision – but make sure they are the right people!


Faithfully your friend,


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